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This page will direct you to some of the sections in the drawing workbook;


"How those that did it and how you can do it too!"


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Unfortunately, those pages from the workbook that have illustrations on how to do something, and there are hundreds and hundreds of illustrations, over 300, don't work when I attempt to upload them; the text comes across fine, but the images don't. So, these sections are sections that don't have any illustrations with them. Once I figure out the bug, I'll put up the whole workbook, all 325 pages of it.


0. Table of Condents


1. Introduction


2. How to sketch


3. Rough sketches from some Masters


4, Simple Shapes


5. How to use simple shapes in your rough sketch


6. How to view complex shapes


7. Visualization


8. Raising your artistic abilityes


9. When to use tools


10. The Basic Error and the Principle of Correction.


11. Review of the basic drawing tech


12. Attitudes


13. The Basics of Perspective  with graphic illustrations  (in PDF)


More to come ...


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