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I made my living selling paintings at art shows, in parks, in parking lots, and on the street, for many, many years. I love doing them. When I had a couple of little sweeties who actually expected to eat once in a while, I had to get a day job, so I began to teach others how to draw and paint. It feeds my darlings, gives them a place to stay, some t.v and internet, but not much else. They are growing up to be tough like their old man.

Beverly Hills 'Affaire in the Garden' I did this show many times. It is perhaps the number one out door art show in the world. It allowed only fine art, very few junky crafts, and everyone had to be juried into the show. The quality was/is highest rank. I won 'third best' and 'honourable mention' ribbons. Pretty neat. I really enjoyed this show. It lasted from Friday pm to Sunday pm, and was always full of people. I made my main living from this show. I'd have many who'd come looking for art for a specific place in their home, and so I'd arrange to go there and do a special painting for them. I always sold at this show, but the main income was from going to peoples  homes afterward and sitting down with them to do something just for them. I also used to work for several decorators that I met at this show, and that kept me busy for years.

The youngster here is 'Ricky'. I used to watch him on weekends for about two years so his mom could take time off and be what women like to be on weekends. She and I were buddies, and Ricky was a lot of fun to have around. He liked going to art shows, so we got along just fine! Not too many kids do. My daughters don't.

I have no idea of when this show was held.

Another year at Beverly Hills. Those who know me now, won't recognize that dude in the photo.


Another year a the Beverly Hills show...

This is here in Ottawa, at the 'Art in the Park' in the Glebe. These two characters are out to make their fortune!

Thankfully, there are lots of park shows in Ottawa now. A few years ago, there were hardly any.


One of the things we'll be doing on this website is to advertise all the local art shows, and put up images of them as we get them. Art shows are a very good source of excellent local art for anyone who is serious about upgrading their homes and businesses.

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July 21-22
Urban Art at Minto Park

Aug 11
Art in Strathcona Park