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Tuition is paid by the month, four classes per month. The reason for this is that the courses are not fixed in length, such as the drawing course is three weeks or three months long. It is as long as it takes you to do it. So, the tuition is based on four classes per month, one each week. You can do more than this if you wish, and the tuition is more, but if you come twice a week, the tuition is not twice as much, 90% of twice as much.

Also, if you decide you are going to be here for a while, you can pay for four months tuition all at once, and get three free classes to take any time during those four months.

The basic tuition is;

Adults      4 classes of 3 hours    $184.00
                 4 classes of 2 hours       $169.00

(retired)   4 classes of 3 hours     $169.00
                 4 classes of 2 hours        $150.00


Teens       4 classes of 3 hours     $160.00
                 4 classes of 2 hours       $150.00


Children   4 classes of 2 hours       $140.00