Images of a working studio

This page is not yet completed, but  here are some photos to check out if you are too tired to do anything, but not tired enough to hit the sack.

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This is the front view of the present studio at 500 Gladstone....

... and this is the side view, just in case you are interested. That is one fine looking bike parked there. I wonder whose it is??? Hmm...

The following images are not all from the present studio. We've been kicked out of several over the years. Well, kicked out is a pretty tough phrase, more like asked to leave because the owner get better offers at lease time.

This is the old Brookfield studio we had. It was in an actual school with large windows and north light. Pretty cool.

Brookfield again. Here you can see Nicky studying Velasquez's 'Mars'

One of the first studios we had, on Prince of Wales Drive near Hog's Back Falls.

This is the studio on Banks Street, across from Kettleman's Begals.

The Bank Street studios.

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The 500 Gladstone studios.

Gladstone studios, viewed from the front door.

Viewed from the back door.

Basic drawing students. As you can see, the classes can be mixed as far as age goes.

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