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IMPORTANT:  Read the section regarding changes to schedules and missed classes. You will need to know and agree to apply to these rules.


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Regarding missed classes or change of schedules.



Administratively, we try to keep the program as user-friendly as possible. If you have to change your schedule either for one week, or for several weeks, or permanently, that is not a problem. As long as there is room in the class you want to shift into, we can do it immediately.

For missed classes, you have the opportunity to make them up. These we call 'make ups'.

There are some things you MUST know and agree to regarding make ups.  When a class is missed, it has come and gone, and the studio doesn't 'owe' you a class. However, there is a studio policy that;

1. if you have called in to info the studio that you are going to miss a class,

you then have the option to do a make up, providing,

2. the make up is not done in place of a regular class, but in addition to the regular class.

What these two rules mean, is if you are going to miss a class, and you want to make it up, you have to info the studio ahead of time that you will miss it. This is just being polite. We do understand that family drama or sudden unexpecteds can occur where you can't call in, such as glare ice or whatever. Well, in these type of cases, that particular rule of calling in ahead of the miss is waived.

The second rule is the one that is most misunderstood. If you want to make up a class you have missed, you must already have a regular class scheduled for that same week, and you must attend it.

The make up is done in addition to that regular class. You cannot just come in some week and do a make up. It MUST be done in addition to a regular class.

There are NO exceptions to the above rule.

There is no real time frame that the make up has to be done by. We go all year, and you can come in much later, up to a year or so, and catch up on missed classes. However, it is up to you to schedule them, not the studio. If you have trouble scheduling them, you have to figure it out, not the studio. If you know you are going to have a conflict, you can even do the make ups in advance, before you miss the class.

Once a make up is scheduled, it is finished with, whether you attended it or not. We do not do make ups for missed make ups.

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