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Children are taught the exact dame data as are adults, but it is taught differently because they are children

If you go to the page, Course outline, you will see exactly what they are taught. They are taught one-on-one, they go at their own speed, and if they miss classes or need to change their schedule, they can do so. What is important, is that they are having fun and that they know they are making progress as an artist.

Kids can start from about five years old. The age isn't what is important; what is important that they can pay attention for a couple of hours and have personal control over their behaviour. They can have fun, as long as they don't distract from others who want to do their art. That is the line they cannot cross.

Below are some images of kids at work.  There are many other images sprinkled throughout the website. What is important to keep in mind, that the kids do exactly what the adults do, from basic drawing to studying the Old Masters, from pencil, charcoal, oil paints, watercolours, pastels, coloured pencils, etc.

Here is a brand new artist, learning the basic of how to draw, simple shapes and so forth.

Children start off their first few classes, getting used to being here, without their parents being around. They initially draw from books we have of simple drawings of animals and such. Then, usually at their demand, we shift over to props, apples, cups, bowls, bottles etc. What is funny, is that it is usually the child wanting to move forward to the props!

We have colouring material for the kids to use to colour their work, usually chalk pastels, oil pastels, coloured pencils, crayons, whatever it is they want to experiment with.

Sometimes they can  hardly even fit on the drawing bench.

The very basic basics, such as how to sit, hold a pencil, fit yourself with the drawing pad, are all taught to the kids as fast as they can learn it.

Young artists drawing the same props the adults draw.

Having fun.

Starting off kinda young...

... and after a while, the kids can begin to really study fine art. By then, they have drawing completely under control, they have tones and colours and how to fully control handling paint in various techniques, so then we move up to studying the great Masters, and doing their own original works from their won photos.

Here the student is checking her colour charts to get the colours figured out.

Another view.

Fine artist studying Tom Thompson. One of the techniques to painting from prints or photos is to turn it upside down. Why? Take the course and find out.

Here an artist is studying how to apply paint by doing a basic tone painting in oils. Once the student can appy the paint and keep the drawing and tones under control, then we move onto studying colours.

home page

students doing the course