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Pastels are a wonderful medium for anyone who loves to paint or draw! Some artists can do miracles with powder on paper, amazing stuff. I've always enjoyed pastel work, it is a pleasure to work with them. I managed to find some images of some of the pastels I've done, but only a few images still survive.

'Lady Ebony and Miss Amberley'

 This is a very large pastel, around 22 x 30, something like that, of my daughter and our puppy. I just finished this one last spring.


Any work on paper has to be covered with a glass shield to protect the powder and paper. However, with cheap toss away cameras, taking photos through the glass creates problems. But, you can still see the image of the pastel pretty good.

This pastel is 18"x 24", and was the first pastel I ever did, although I think I did one a little smaller just before this one, not sure.

This pastel was really fast for me to do, about 2 hours! Some times things just work out. It isn't very big, around 12 x 16 or so.


This pastel is a study in pastel of a painting by Monet. I think it is an image of his sweetie pie, but I'm not sure.  Impressionist works are very, very adaptable to being done in pastels.


Happy customers are always a relief! Sometimes they like the work almost as much as I do! This pastel was a study of part of a painting by Benson. His paintings are pretty spectacular, and they lend themselves to pastels better than most.


For some reason, this pastel is always compared to a Cezanne work. There are similarities, I suppose, except for the price. This was the first pastel I ever sold, and the person bought it before it was even finished. He and his wife knew how good it was going to be, so they grabbed it up right away. I like it when that happens!



This pastel was a rough study. I never got to finish it, because I had to move from the studio, and I couldn't get it set up again they way I wanted it. So I decided to keep the study.


This pastel is undoubtedly one of my all time favorites. Good isn't it!


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