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(considering I've done hundreds, there are many, many pages, so be ready to be bored to death. I add pages only every once in a while because I, too, can be bored to death. Actually, I'm pretty excited! I'm my own greatest fan! I love what I do and I know I'm very good at it. I only have about a hundred of the plein air paintings digitalized for internet viewing. I get more scanned as I can afford to do so)

Note: If you are interested in any of these paintings, or of cards or prints of these paintings, just call the studio, 613 2354278, or e-mail me at  bobgrant@rogers.com  All these images can be enhanced greatly so you can see them in very enlarged details.

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 Bob painting outside etc.

Bob's plein air paintings

Bob's oil still lifes

Bob's pastels

Bob's Pen and ink washes


Bob's Water colours

Water colour is hands down one the most difficult mediums to master, if not the most difficult ... good thing it's a lot of fun! I've been working on it for a few years now, someday I'll do a good one.




Bob's Maui water colours









For images of incomplete paintings that are still on the easel, click on the image below



Cards and giclees are available for nearly all the images on the website. For information on the cards and giclees, the quality, and some visual examples, click here.

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