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Images added on June 2015

"September 1st, 2007"   Remick Rapids and the stone statues, looking east.




"September 2nd, 2007" Remick Rapids, facing west.


"Brown's Inlet" This is that little pond alongside the canal where the Bank Street Bridge goes over the canal.


"April 9th, 2006" Arboretum bike path bridge. A beautiful April afternoon.



The 'Peanut Butter and Jam' painting as it is referred to. I wonder why...

Peanut butter, jam and milk have been a fixture in my diet for a few lifetimes now, so it was probably foretold that I would paint such a subject.

In a few generations, when your future DNA and genetic line goes into a museum and pays money to see this painting, which you could buy now for less than they will spend then, that specific DNA and genetic entity will;

a/ admire the incredible work of art for what it is, an incredible work of art,


b/ wonder what the hell is anyone doing painting a peanut butter and jam sandwich?

and if they are an artist;

c/ wonder how moldy it all got before it was done.

'Late September' Gorgeous painting of Patterson's creek, just east of the O'Conner street bridge that goes over it.

'April 29, 2006' This is down at the bottom of the hill at the arboretum. It is a beautiful little plein air.

 See how bloody marvelous this painting really is.




Hog's Back Falls in February

I painted this gem in February a couple of years ago, on site. It is around 22"x28". I remember as it started to get dark, I began to get kind of panicky, but I noticed something wonderful; the dark clouds had come over me, but to the west the sun was just setting, so I had to really shift the painting from a day time painting to an evening painting, and I didn't have much time to do it since the sun was on it's way to China. I threw down the darknesses, and threw in the orange glow where I could, changed the blues into darker blues, in the ice, and then it was dark. I was standing in about three feet of snow, and freezing my rear and off, as well as everything else, but I knew I had seen something. When I got back to the studio, I fixed up the mess from the frantic splaching of paint, and ended up with this. A few more touch ups, and it was done. Really nice. Click image to enlarge.







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A friend and I went out to see a Van Gogh exhibit, and I decided to look at things different, so, I went out and painted this scene, very minimalist in that the idea is to know where NOT to put any paint. I really like it, and I'm going to explore this way of looking much more.






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