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I had the very great opportunity to visit some dear friends in Hawaii last year, in February, Gail and Jordan. Back in LA in the late 70s and early 80s we were very good friends, but lost touch completely. I found them via Facebook in 2014 and we connected up again. Gail and Jordan have a ocean views cottage for rent, about a hundred yards from the Pacific, in Maui. I was invited, so I went.




My first morning in Maui!


When there, I did some water colours. These are some of them.



















I have to admit, I set this scene up. I knew how sloppy my sweetie was when she got into her chocolate ice cream cones, so, I took her out and bought her one. I made sure I was ready for the wonderful mess that inevitably followed. Her expression shows she is obviously in a heavenly place, the hard outside world of a three year old held momentarily at bay. Looking at this pen and ink, I can actually taste the chocolate ice cream being lovingly lapped up!




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My sweeties and I used to bike together all the time, and here I was able to grab them during a water break down by the canal, in the arboretum.

This was an interesting pen and ink, with all the willow trees. I hate willow trees. I can't paint them, but they are so lovely I keep trying. I can't paint water either, or grass, or trees, or the sky. I'm pretty good with lemons...but I digress.




Gutsy. Plein air pen and ink wash, in the arboretum right next to the canal. You can't fix anything in these pen and inks. Once this ink is on the paper, it is IN the paper.



Another plein air pen and ink. This is the little bridge that goes over the creek in the arboretum. I think it was in May, 2001.




This was a week after we rescued Ebony from a very unhappy life. This is one of my sweeties making very sure that Ebony knows she is loved. This was at Sandbanks.



Plein air...summer...camping...sun...beach = naps




So typical of this little sweetie pie, so typical. 4 going on 30.




Plein air water colour at Sandbanks. I did another one facing the opposite direction. Some lady came around and bought it right away, because it was the exact spot she used to come to grab guys! Lots of memories I guess.




Sweeties and their mom at Venice Beach, in LA. We went there nearly every single Friday for years!




Another plein air pen and ink. Bon Echo. It was an experiment. I wanted to see if I sandpapered the ink wash, if I could get the impression of the grass being washed out by a hot sun. It can be made to work, and I've done it many times since.



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