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At Fine Art Studios we offer a variety of art classes for all ages, children’s art classes for the youngsters and adult art classes for those still young at heart.


 Adult’s art classes:


 For adults, we have art lessons starting with basic to advanced drawing classes, charcoal shading classes and various painting classes such as oil painting classes, and watercolour painting classes. We also branch out to include pastels, coloured pencil and pen and ink, anatomy studies and figure drawing and painting.


 Children’s art classes:


Children’s art classes start from about age 5 on up to where they begin to ‘change’, at which point we begin to shift them from the kids art classes to the adult program, always a risky but adventurous move.


 The technical program for the art classes for kids is identical to the adult program in that in the art classes for kids the techniques we teach them, basic drawing classes, charcoal shading classes, pastel classes, and various painting classes such as oil painting classes, and watercolour painting classes are identical to the adult program, except that the art classes are taught differently because of the ages concerned. But the techniques the children learn are identical to what is taught to the adults.


 The art classes are taught one-to-one, which means there is no group instruction where everyone is doing the same thing at the same time, and either you get it or not, because in the next art class you are all doing something entirely different.


At Fine Art Studios you are instructed individually on what it is the program has you working on. If you grasp it, you move on. If you need to work at it longer to get complete control over that specific technique, you have all the time you need to do so, whatever time it takes, that's the time you have.



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